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About Us

DaKosta Island Beach Camp is a private beach resort, located in Bruce, on the island of Bubaque. The resort’s gorgeous views of the ocean and sun, the sounds of nature, and proximity to a variety of activities make it the ideal spot for visitors who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of the “concrete jungle.”

Don’t let the name DaKosta Island Beach Camp fool you. While we boast beach front property, we are also very much nestled in nature. That is part of our charm – you can have the water sports and beach activities and also camping, hiking trails, and the like.

In addition, the design of the resort itself pays homage to its surroundings, incorporating local design into its aesthetic. As much as we want our guests to feel one with nature, we designed the resort to embody the casual elegance of island living. Many of our buildings are constructed with materials obtained from the property including the timber, shells, and sand.


Feel The Nature

You can hear the waves crashing.  Open your eyes and the morning sun pierces through the canopy of palm trees.  Take a deep breath.  The clean air, peppered with the salt of the ocean fills your nostrils.  Close your eyes.  This land is untouched.

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