Experience Nature At Its Finest!

If you love nature, you can immerse yourself in a camping vacation at Dakosta Island Beach Camp. We can help you plan your camping trip.

We have Tentsile (suspened) Tree tents which is a 3 person tree tent (portable treehouse to some) that offers users a uniquely communal and comfortable outdoor experience. The Stingray comes with a removable fly sheet, full insect mesh roof for maximum ventilation and unbeatable views. There really is no better way to make camp and hang out in nature. The Stingray comprises a spacious triple hammock interior, accessed via a floor hatch in the center or via the large front door. It can be suspended above the ground or pitched on the ground in dry conditions.

We also provide ground tents, ranging from 1- to 4-person tents with a spacious interior, WeatherTec System guaranteed to keep you dry, Screened porch Strong Insta-Clip attachments that add rigidity to wind-tested pole structures.

While camping, stargazing is a wonderful activity to engage in as it is unmatched in this pristine and breathtaking part of the world.  Due to little development in the surrounding areas, you can have uninterrupted stargazing at Dakosta Island Beach Camp.  The untouched nature gives perfect panoramic views to all of the heavens.