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For Reservations Contact:

[span4] [address] Dakosta Island Beach Camp
Bruce, Bubaque Island
Guinea Bissau

(Guinea Bissau) +245966189141 / +245966978066
(U.S.A) +1 6462454715

E-mail: getinfo@dakostabc.com

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You can hear the waves crashing.  Open your eyes and the morning sun pierces through the canopy of palm trees.  Take a deep breath.  The clean air, peppered with the salt of the ocean fills your nostrils.  Close your eyes.  This land is untouched.  In this moment, rush and busy are trickling out of your vocabulary.  The constant buzz of your mobile phone is gone.  So too, the cars weaving in and out of traffic.  Dense crowds of people are non-existent here.  In this space, it is you, embraced by the warmth of nature.  You are in our home now and at DaKosta Island Beach Camp, located on a gem of the Archipel des Bijagos, the Ilha de Bubaque, you will have an opportunity to find calm and enjoy nature as was intended.

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